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             Ben Juneau


American Idle

The latest from the ever cheerful Ben Juneau. This recording encompasses a myriad of styles, a mix of old and new tunes, and some of Ben’s most powerful lyrics. Included are fresh takes on two classic tracks, “Don’t Move Out Of Town” and “Zoo Bus”, first recorded back in 1983 and subsequently released as part of a 5 song EP. “Need To See” and “You Got Money” summarize the state of the world we live in, and with  elections on tap for 2016, these might well be the soundtracks for the political realists among us.

12 Room House

This is the second half of a 2 CD set that began in 1997 as a follow-up to Ben’s first release Let The Madness Begin. The material chosen was given a decidedly electric treatment, and the project developed into a real ’guitar’ record, with some songs having as many as 7 or 8 different guitar tracks. The tracking was done to 2” analog tape and was actually finished by early 1998.  After 10 years ‘in the can’, it was eventually transferred to Pro Tools and editing and mixing began. It is a rare privilege to have all the time you need to see a project through to completion, and by virtue of that luxury, this is music that we are most pleased with - the results very closely match the vision we had at the outset. Recommended listening level — LOUD!

the giant emptiness revealed

This project was originally conceived to be the ‘unplugged’ half of the 2 CD mentioned above as a follow-up to Ben’s first release Let The Madness Begin.  Various circumstances prevented the completion of that ambitious endeavor in a timely fashion, and work on The Giant Emptiness Revealed started up again in 2007. The decision was made at that time to release this project separately, and it is a throwback to Ben’s earlier reputation as a folk artist in the Kansas City music scene. The Bonus Track included here, “Wayward Love”, was initially part of the ‘electric’ set, 12 Room House (now available!). “The 13 songs here are some of my favorites, just me and a few friends having a ball in the studio.”

Let The Madness Begin

A masterful songwriter whose debut album on Enneagram Records showcases his rich, resonant voice and exemplary guitar playing.  A 20 year veteran of the Kansas City music scene, Ben is equally comfortable writing and performing in a wide range of musical styles, and this eclectic collection of 13 original songs is a testament to his ability to speak to the hearts of his listeners.   So, come on in – let the madness begin!

“…13 tracks of intensely probing words and music inspired by painful adult experiences.” THE KANSAS CITY STAR  

“If anything will win you over, it will be his ability to change moods instantly and support his honest lyrics with music that is perfectly tuned to the atmosphere of each song.” THE AQUARIAN WEEKLY

 “...Let the Madness Begin is a thoroughly engaging set that deserves national attention.” PITCH WEEKLY

“All of the musicians on the album give incredible performances and accent Juneau’s writing very skillfully.” THE HARBINGER

“It’s a joy to listen to Juneau’s muse bounce around while he deftly navigates so many musical terrains.” INFOZINE


American Idle Cover
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