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        Charlotte O'Hara

LYRICS - Page 1

That’s Our Life / Musings Of The Heart  - Page 1

November  - Page 2

Where Time Touches Eternity  -  Page 3

Winter Of Discontent - Page 4

On The Morrow - Page 5

You Are - Page 6


I can still hear how the whippoorwills cried
Down by the river on the Cherokee Trail
Torn from land that other now own
Pain in their hearts forever belong
In the whippoorwills’ song

Sing, oh Cherokee sing
Of your flight from your homes
On the trail of bitter tears
Certain that whippoorwill still hears your cries so clear

Listen for the mothers’ broken hearts
As the cries of their babies start
Carried so gently on the winds of time
Pain in their soul forever belongs
In the whippoorwills’ song

Their cries still heard in the great oaks’ sigh
Told to remember as the wind goes by
Salt from their tears in the river still there
Scars etched in lives forever belong
In the whippoorwills’ songs.

I can still hear how the whippoorwills cried
Down by the river on the Cherokee Trail


The sweet and the sour, de dun diddle de
Joy and then pain, diddle de diddle dun
Darkness then light, de dun, dun diddle dun
Laughter to strife and that’s our life.

John O’Hara and Jane Dysart
Married in Ireland both strong of heart
Tyranny seared and misery clear
From London Derry, cross the North Sea,
To Halifax Harbor, new life they seeked.

Their child she carried, birth was near
To Quebec City, in rags, what a pity
No Irish need apply, signs they came by
Tyranny seared, starvations near
This new land not as they planned

They journeyed on with the birth of their son
Down St. Lawrence Seaway, to Village Iroquois
Jane no longer the strong youth Ireland sent
In John’s arms she died, life’s bitter side
John left their child be with the Rose family.

Left behind son, great grandfather John
As a child wondering, would Father be coming
He wanted to be with his family
In his heart hope died, life’s bitter side
His daily prayer spoken for family unbroken


Cruel wind of change over the prairies they came
Sioux, Blackfoot, Cheyenne gathered to defend
Sixteen summer ago she was born near Little Bighorn
A new mother now, war tore her heart
Her mother’s tears gave truth to her fears

Her husband was white they had to take flight into the night.
Daughter’s face in her hands, they must understand
The last they would see
A whisper heard, on the breath of the wind, words I will send
Think of me

Years passed from the night they fled to mountains so high
To a homestead on Nebraska plains then Oklahoma oil fields came
With each hope came defeat till choices ceased
To the fort they took their youngest, six and eight
They said they’d be back

We’ll be fetching you back, cain’t cry like that
Stand tall when I speak
We cain’t make our way you’ve gots to here stay
It’s just for a while
Ma’s sad, sad smile, on the breath of the wind, words I will send Think of me.

Alone at the gate, boys faced their fate
From those who pressed misery
On their other’s people no longer free
Stairs still there, officer’s quarters bare 
Orphans’ bed had a place where glories were chased
Their futures be, only God could see

One boy grew to Grandpa I knew, his family all lost
His sadness deep, secrets he’d keep. To the winds I still plead
A whisper heard?  On the breath of the wind, word I will send Think of me

That’s how it’s always been, a voice on the wind
Fragments, bits of speak a mystery to seek
Truth I voice to you, Grandpa’s pain was your pain too
But you never came back, on the breath of the wind
Words I send, I think of you
I think of you


How I’d love to go, to Grandma’s house, you know
For stories she would weave upon our family tree
Bunker Hill bravely fought where two of ours were lost
But the best part for me, Grandma and Grandpa’s love stories

Grandma, where were your dreams, as a girl of seventeen?
Her eyes would close, while telling me those sweet vows
On their wedding day she could still hear him say
“I take you as my wife, to love all my life” 
So dear child, tell me what more I could have dreamed for

But Grandma, I’d ask, how did your love last
Over the years and through all your tears
A baby leaving you, breaking your heart in two
Child can’t you see, your Grandpa was always there, caring for me

Grandma first to hear, the angels so near
To the Pearly Gates, Grandpa had to wait
So fishing we would go and those stories still flowed
Of their live and love from beginning to end
Their love’s always been.


Those early July mornings before our rooster crowed
Grandpa came a callin’
“Hey, to your bed have you growed?”

Mists are risin’, sun’ll be a shinin
And I said, “The best time of all, Grandpa
Sittin’ on a river bank just fishin’ and bein’ with you”

And he said, “Time’s a wastin’
On to fishin’ we needs to go.
First let’s do our seinin’ for crawdads and minnows.”

Mists are risin’, sun’ll be a shinin
And I said, “The best time of all, Grandpa
Sittin’ on a river bank just fishin’ and bein’ with you”

Drivin’ the old Allis Chalmers down our river road
All the neighbors know’s we’d be goin’ to our favorite fishin’ hole

Mists are risin’, sun’ll be a shinin
And I said, “The best time of all, Grandpa
Sittin’ on a river bank just fishin’ and bein’ with you”

Those early July mornings


Sounds I still hear, Albert’s hounds baying in the holler
Sweet memories of playing Fox and Geese
Then to the woods for our Christmas Tree

Our little school, painted white, softly glowing in that winter light
Teacher spinning her tall, tall tales
While children making snowflakes and red Christmas bells

Sounds of songs, our Christmas play 
‘Away in the Manger’, we did not turn away
‘Frosty the Snowman’ we learned just right
Then, of course, ‘Silent Night’

The clanging of milk pails came early that night
Turkey in the oven, roasted oh, so right
Back to school to play our part in the Christmas feast
We knew it all by heart


Ride your ponies ride, over hills to starry skies
No one cares that you roam
To heaven’s door, to see home

A child standing alone, love in Mother’s eyes never shone
No tenderness, just emptiness, a mother’s love she’d never know

So she’d ride her ponies, ride, over hills to starry skies
No one cared that she roamed
To heaven’s door, to see home

Soon she grew to womanhood, the winds of life she withstood
Love for her so hard to find, just fleeting, not the lasting kind

Years went by, darlin’ babies grown, pain of love, her heart so worn
Those looking in would never see tears of broken dreams

The day will come for that ride
To God above, Eternal Love
She’ll know the way, through starry skies
To heavenly hosts and angel’s eyes.

She’ll ride her pony ride, over hills to starry skies
She’ll not turn back, her life complete
In Love’s embrace,  Eternal Grace


You never ever told me you were sorry
You never ever spoke or recognized
Your misuse of me and please remember
I was just a child.

With conspiracy of silence, the hurt you may never see
Ah, silence bans truth from being free
Now all you see is the smile, have you really forgotten the child
They shut away, on that day in silence

All these years can never make these tears to ever cease
Cut soul did take, I’m looking for release
Ah, lest I should forget, our family was so perfect
Even the day they shut me away in silence

They never ever told me they were sorry
They never ever spoke or recognized.
Your misuse of me and please remember
I was just a child.


My Gracious one, Who sent His Son
To set me free from sin’s misery
And His light, shines so bright to see Eternity

I found the way, I found the way home, to my Father’s Throne
Where angel’s anthems sing Glories, glories, glories glories
To Christ our King.

My Gracious One, To you I come
My tears You share, so great Your care
Arms of Love, take burdens of sorrow, for all tomorrows

My Gracious One, I long to someday be looking back
From heaven’s door
Life’s pain does flee, as memories they lay
‘Cause You paved the way


Ancient ones, who in my blood runs
How’s life to be a sweet melody?
Ancient ones, as wisdom comes
How do shades of light and gray become one?

True the pain in your heart, cuts so razor sharp
Blind never be, to gifts given thee.

Daughter long, from bosom gone
We call to thee, sweetness life can be
Draw in the air, your children fair
Look there to see gifts given thee.

Ancient ones, now your song
Of sweetness be, ever with me
The gifts I have make sorrows glad
In my heart, I strive, love always be


This our son Jeremiah and our daughter Mariah
They filled the empty parts of our hearts
And all those missing pieces
Now their sweetness fills our life

The joy we feel with laughter and squeals
And happiness echoes wild
An honor it is, now to be a mommy and daddy, you see.

After hugs and kisses Daddy chases teases
Till tears roll from their eyes
As we tuck them in at night
Angels heads on pillows lie.

As we watch them laugh and play
Our joy’s complete and pray
Dear God in heaven
Thank you for these gifts of love.


The Father said to the Son “Our plan’s time has come
For You to go as sacrifice, And Your life is that price.”

And the angels in anguish sang “Oh, Our Father must He pay
For what others have ever done?
Your will be done.”

To Mary, His mother, He was sent, a babe our Savior went
To walk among mankind, knowing always, this His time.

To the garden, alone to weep
“Oh God, My Father, this cup to seek
So bitter, yet a promise to keep, with Your Love, this I’ll meet.”

On the cross our sins He bore, pain and grief through heaven tore
Death vanquished, our Savior rose In the glories of that Easter morn

Then the angels, “Hallelujah” sang, “This our Savior, heaven reigns
The Son was given, now is risen!
Your will be done.”


She, she walked out on you and I, I’ve always been true
She to other arms went, I from your arms sent
Away and asked to pay for sins, never mine
Another place and time

Our love was a wonder when it first began
I with you, and you with me, our hearts in perfect harmony
Then the question did arise, is that anger in your eyes?
I left wondering with love in my heart
how in my eyes this you could see?

All these years and searing tears fell from my eyes
I willing to change that to be my blame
Always the question did arise, is that anger in your eyes?
How can it take so much time, this was hers and never mine


My Savior Lord, you never fail me
You never turn away from me
And from my sins, you set me free
In Your arms, I’m held eternally

I bow down to my Lord, my soul doth soar
In Him I find my refuge
I serve my Lord, for evermore
These songs of praise, my voice I raise

The question for each to ask, why this path our Savior chose?
The whys of course, for our souls’ eternity
The light He brings, of Love we sing

What greater Love than God above
His Son He sent, to Whom we must repent
For our sins and sorrows bring His Love for us upon that Cross


IF you could see, this part of me, maybe we could go on
But through these tears of broken dreams
What does our love mean?

Scattered memories and those could be’s
Lying there in your arms
And what of those would have been’s
If we had not sent our love down that road of emptiness
Yeah, down that road of loneliness

If you could hear these songs of love, I swear to God above
Our love could be, and you next to me 
What are you waiting for?

Our love, once you felt, for in your arms I was held
So then, please tell me when our love can be again?

So in the night, I hold on tight, wrapped in the love of my Lord
And dream the dreams of sweet yesterdays
And pray that our love can be again


Those winds of forever, my soul must face
Though my heart grow weary and tears no longer can trace
Where the touch of love once had been, need’s fever so cleansed
Only shadows of my yesterdays, you know life can be that way

Silence of lonely cries, echoing ceaseless tries
Searching to find love’s truth
Oh, may my soul be soothed

Those winds of forever my soul must face
Though my heart grows weary and tears no longer can trace
Sweet Jesus, I so need your care, burdens now I bear
Just a glimpse of Your forever Love
Brings peace to my heart so deep


Don’t be askin’ me to leave my dreams
Dreams of loving you and lying in your arms
Don’t be askin’ me to leave our memories
Why can’t you be lovin’ me?

Working all day looking for that time, you comin’ home to me
“How’s your day,” I’d always say
Silence you know cuts deep

Empty arms now for me, loneliness where love should be
Clingin’ to sweet yesterdays, dear God, a miracle to see

Times are changin’ this I know, takin’ all your love from me
Walls of silence can no longer be


My Country was of Thee, once the land of sweet liberty
Now I’m searching for that home of the brave
Where’s our courage to be free?

Across those amber waves, I pray there lays
In the hearts of Americans, oh our patriots’ dreams

From those mountains high can’t you hear the cries
From those who came before
Where’s your freedom’s light?

A finger of the Almighty’s Hand
Touched the Constitution of our land
Pursuit of life and liberty, in these we are to be free

Where’s our courage to be free?


Still waters deep, oh Lord my soul to keep
So deep in the night, this fever of need I fight
Where the arms of love, to keep distant of
Desire want and need, I alone on bended knee

Why, why did you leave? My heart in disbelief
Why did you go? I must know

Hope so long I kept, through pain to such depths
Never dreamt I would find hurt where you stood
This story so old, still my heart runs cold
Feels so far to care, if ever I dare


Solomon wise with tears in my eyes, your lines I read to find peace
I weave regret in my heart and yet seek solace to soothe this grief

Raging storms in life appear, winds of pain cut me through
Drowning in those what to dos, Preacher such old, old news

Cross time words left behind, great preacher how you searched
Where answers lie, even wisdom cries, dear God show your truth

Seeking and keeping God’s word in my heart, lessons go on and on
Kneeling and praying and always listening for quiet voice within

Circles go round and round no answers completely found
Questions posed, as wisdom knows, treasures deep, serenity


Searchin’ for my dignity in ashes of you not lovin’ me
Pieces left of me framed in this sad reality

And I thought I’d touched the face of perfect of perfect love
Fool I was dreaming to find such love in this life to be mine

The warmth of love no longer came, distance belonged to blame
Coldness in crept where love should have kept
This heart in my breast sweet rest

To God I turn as pain of why’s beyond tears to cry
And on my knees, dear Jesus I plead, peace so sweet I find


I wonder what it feels, to have a mother’s love?
The tenderness of just a touch
This, I know, others have.
I wonder, oh I wonder, what it feels

I wonder what it feels, to trust a father’s love?
Love I needed oh so much.
This, I know, others have.
I wonder, oh I wonder, what it feels.

Really I’d like, no I need to know
Even though I’m praying to let it all go
Tell me why, those thousand why’s deep in my soul
There scars I bear
Why couldn’t you love me, shouldn’t you love me
Wouldn’t you love me?

I wonder what it feels, embrace of husband’s love?
For his arms in the quiet of night
This, I know, others have
I wonder, oh I wonder, what it feels


Why can’t our love find the wings it once had? 
Why can’t your arms hold me close as once they did?
Why can’t our lips find sweetness?
Ours once upon a time

Long gone that want of me in your eyes, now I hold worn pain
Disguised as everything’s alright, and our future bright

So far we’ve traveled this road, can this time rewind?
To when we knew to be kind
And keep each others heart from pain so dark

Loneliness so long I’ve known, to comfort has it grown?
To open my heart, what then?
To find regret again?


You’d hold my hand, really for no reason
Then you’d touch my face, our love just being
You were of my soul, was that so long ago?

You forgot forever, you forgot parting never
You forgot, yeah you just forgot
You forgot why you loved me, you forgot to ever hold me
You forgot, yeah you just forgot

We thought our joy would never have an ending
In our hearts, so deep the understanding
How it turned so cold?  I just can’t let it go

You forgot forever, you forgot parting never
You forgot, yeah you just forgot
You forgot why you loved me, you forgot to ever hold me
You forgot, yeah you just forgot

You forgot to need me, you couldn’t even see me
You forgot, yeah you just forgot
You forgot forever


I remember when I first knew always I’d be part of you
Time was stretching to forever in your arms I felt my place
How the years raced by so fast, leaving me you had no say
The great forever from my arms so quickly took you away

Why’s life always breaking our hearts
Just when getting to the, oh so good part?
Lift my eyes past this pain of grief
Let me rest in the memories of you

Now the time’s come to say our goodbyes, tears clouding my eyes
Must I let you go forever or is this a brief interlude?
Will I see you on wings of angels way beyond those starry skies?
Steps of heaven, will your feet tread while you wait for me?

Saying our goodbyes

All songs written by Charlotte O’Hara and published by Max Berry Music (BMI)

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