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         Charlotte O'Hara
2010 Jan 24 Charlotte O'Hara 1 103 guitar

Charlotte O’Hara a 5th generation Kansan was raised with conservative values and a keen sense of entrepreneurial spirit. Charlotte grew up near Mapleton, Kansas working on the family farm along side her father, mother and three brothers. There she learned by example how hard work is key to the success of any small business and instilled in Charlotte the traditional values of family, community and faith.

Charlotte moved to Johnson County while pursuing her education degree from the University of Kansas, then after graduating, a substitute teacher in the Olathe School District. But, it wasn’t long before her entrepreneurship kicked into high gear. Charlotte built a family business in the real estate industry, becoming one of the first female general contractor/ developers in the Kansas City metropolitan area. During this time she was a member of the Kansas City and the Olathe Home Builders Associations and served as chairwoman on the Olathe Board of Code Review.

Charlotte’s move from full time general contractor to managing the family’s industrial properties allowed Charlotte to pursue community service. Charlotte has served as chairwoman of the Johnson County Heritage Trust Fund Board and chairwoman of the Republican Party 3rd Congressional District. With her husband, Spencer, she is an active sponsor the Ultimate Horse Challenge circuit, which helps to instill discipline, responsibility and character through competition for our local youth.

O’Hara is much more than a Kansas legislator and public policy advocate. She’s also a talented composer and recording artist. She grew up with music. Her dad was the song leader in their little country church and her grandparents played for local dances when they were young. Her grandfather continued to play the harmonica all of his life.
“That inspiration from my grandfather is why I always have a harmonica in at least one of my songs on each album,” she said. “I’ve played piano since I was very young and picked up the guitar in my late 20’s, was in a local rock and roll band for a few years (The Door to Door Band) and then for 20 years pretty well just coasted with my music.”

Five years ago she decided to improve her piano skills and took lessons from Denny Osburn, a very talented local keyboard player. After about a year, she started writing music and hasn’t stopped. To date she has written approximately 70 songs, completed 2 CDs (the first was a double album), and is working on her 3rd with five songs written for her 4th.

“Obviously, music is my passion and I’m having a ball!” she noted.

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