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           George Hunt

Hunt is a self-taught musician, having spent the past nineteen years developing his songwriting and craft.  Influenced by the best artists of many genres, his original music is both familiar & unique.  Often presented in the first person, his songs reflect on many universal aspects of life.  His introspection, honesty, and forthrightness engage his listeners and speak to his personal qualities.

A product of his family and rearing in Leavenworth, Kansas, these qualities influence his conduct and, happily, his art.  He is a young man of great integrity.  Gentle, and humble of heart.  Professionally, he has paid, and continues to pay, his dues.  He considers the trappings of success something with which, through hard work, he will some day have to contend.  His motivation lies elsewhere. 

His debut on Enneagram Records, “Strange List of Days”, is the product of his collaboration with many of Kansas City’s best talents.  A particular credit to his producer, Max Berry, the project allowed Hunt to fulfill a long suffering ambition; to realize his songs’ inert potential.

In addition to his musical ambitions, Hunt devotes himself to women’s issues and the care of developmentally disabled adults in his community.  He considers music a vehicle to help him realize his other ambitions; to positively influence the world at large.   If pressed, he’s able to intelligently discuss many contemporary and historically relevant issues, though he often remarks that he much prefers allowing his music to speak for him.  It does...eloquently. 


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