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               High Vibe


April / May 2007 Volume 21, No.2

High Vibe doesn’t quite sound like your typical jazz sound. It also doesn’t quite fit into the bins with fusion, pop, R&B, the blues. High Vibe sort of has its own sound…but, that’s not a bad thing. Local veteran studio artists Max Berry, Denny Osburn, and Michael Oshiver have banded together to create the eclectic sound of High Vibe. The Enneagram comprises ten original instrumentals. The story behind each is just as interesting as High Vibe’s sound itself. Each of the ten tracks is based upon the nine different personality types represented by a circular symbol equally divided into nine parts known as an Enneagram.
A little background on the Enneagram might be the best way to describe each of the tracks. The actual origin of the Enneagram symbol, which is prominently and artistically featured on the CD cover, is unknown. The best historic link is the documented teachings of Russian philosopher Georges I. Gurdjieff (1870-1949). Gurdjieff taught that the Enneagram contained the key to the knowledge of everything in the universe for those who knew how to read and interpret the symbol. Based on his teachings, Oscar Ichazo developed “The Enneagram of Personality” in the 1960’s as a tool for defining nine different personality types corresponding to the points on the Enneagram.
It is this interpretation that has become the predominant area of focus for the symbol. It is also this interpretation’s study that is relevant to the philosophy which inspired High Vibe’s recording. Their objective was to write and perform music that embodies specific personality traits pertaining to specific number types of the Enneagram with the hopes that it will offer listeners an opportunity to discover the study of numbers in relation to personalities of the people with whom we all interact with in our lives.
The Enneagram, over two years in the making, you’ll find a blend of jazz, rock, some classical themes, and world music to create beautiful melodies that flow with harmony-opulent orchestrations and vigorous rhythm. Each song is an original composition and cannot be compared to any other song out there, nor should it be. Normally I would try and give you some form of comparison in order to let you know what to expect, but after listening to the tracks, I feel I would be doing High Vibe a disservice.
The only way to really get a good formulated idea of how each track sounds is to read a little about the Enneagram symbol and Ichazo’s teachings relating to the nine personality types. To do that here would take up too much space. Instead I will give you two internet links to check out: one is the Enneagram Institute’s Web site at
http://www.Enneagraminstitute.com, and the other is the Wikipedia entry for the Enneagram at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enneagram. That being said, I will give you an overview. A few of the tracks are upbeat and energetic while others are very soothing, slow, and passive; not one could be compared to another on this release. Each relates perfectly to the track name and is what you would expect the soundtrack theme song for each personality – were this a soundtrack “Best of…” CD.
I listened to
The Enneagram right before I did my research. I then listened to it again after having done the research, and kept a note of just a few words beside each track that would match the philosophical background to the track’s sound and feel. Before the research, I enjoyed the music as a listener – the melodies, rhythms, and orchestration was good. Listening to it again and knowing the back story behind why each track was made to sound the way that it does, tying the arrangements in with the philosophical and numerical symbolism, made each track much more entertaining and gave the entire recording a much different feel. The Enneagram would be a great purchase or a great gift for a music lover in numerous genres – not just jazz. Whether the philosophical influence will enrich your life has yet to be seen nor should it matter. When it comes right down to it, this is a good CD and deserves your ear.

Tristan Smith

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