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            Isotope Finis


 CD Review - Miles McMahon

InfoZine, May 1997

 A mix of REM's cynicism with Peter Gabriel's multi-layered production techniques, Isotope Finis' self-titled debut shows a lot of merit despite its rough edges.

 IF, who are distributed by Olathe-based Enneagram Records, wax tales of love and loss while attacking America's socio-political structure inside of heavily synthesized dance tracks. The album is split evenly between vocal and instrumental tracks, with RudyPassonno,(a former member of the cult-band "Topper') on keyboards and vocals, and Max Berry on guitars. Bonnie Passonno lends her vocal talents to several tracks as both lead and back-up singer.

 Though there are three people in IF, it seems obvious this is Rudy's show. He pens most of the tracks himself while also singing, producing and playing all keyboards, and seems to spread himself a bit thin wearing so many hats. His keyboard work is eclectic and jazzy, but he draws too much from his influences, which seem to be the early 80’s work of Gabriel and Vince Clark of YazPassonno utilizes very similar synth-pop themes and overtones of Clark's opus “Upstairs at Eric's”, though Passonno infuses his hard-driving style with loads of gusto and passion.

 IF does come through strong on several tracks. "Sally Go ‘Round The Roses" sees Bonnie's fine vocal work inside of an infectious hook. "I Only Have Eyes For You" is a fine blues number with an alluring reverb styling. Though Passonno's adherence to musical days gone by weighs down some of IF's strength, enough shines through to make their debut worthwhile.


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