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              Michael O

 “Michael O” Oshiver

A student of music since the age of four, Michael began his musical odyssey playing the piano, and began studying the harp at the age of nine. Born in New York City and raised in Kansas City, Michael was trained in the classics but is known for his versatility, playing jazz, pop and ethnic music of all types.  During the decade of the 90’s he lived in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, absorbing the many cultures and musical influences of the islands while performing and producing events at the most renowned resorts.  Over his glorious career he has performed and produced for such artists as Bob Hope, Dizzy Gillespie, Gary Bartz, Richie Cole, Sheila E, Carrol McLaughlin, Bloodstone, "Miss Jackie" Silberg and many more. 

Micahael is also an integral part of High Vibe with Denny Osburn and Max Berry, as well as, recording and performing with Max Berry in the guitar/harp duo Giant Strings.

Finally, no introduction to Michael ‘O’ would be complete without a word about his dedication to children. His company, Musication, Inc., consists of a record label and publishing house that specializes in producing quality educational and community programs. 

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