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               Tom Hall



Another stunning release from Tom & his studio buddies.
15 songs from blues to folk & back always featuring Tom’s trademark soulful vocals.

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One of the most respected singer/songwriters in the Midwest, Tom’s self-titled debut album on Enneagram Records showcases his remarkable voice and eclectic songwriting ability.   Slice-of-life lyrics and extraordinary bluesy vocals set Tom apart from his peers and expose him as a master of musical styles.  Tom’s emotional performances on this 14 song collection will certainly establish him as one of the premier talents from the Heartland. 

“…14 songs which showcase a range of writing styles, ranging from folky to shuffling blues a la J.J. Cale.  Hall often writes in a ‘storytelling’ style, weaving tales about characters in the margins of life.  With this CD, Hall has made an honest and moving artistic statement.  Recommended.”

Hall's knowledge has a nice way of working itself into his songs, turning them more into windows into his artistic soul rather than just songs, and letting the listener in on a wonderful journey.” INFOZINE

Springtime romps with plenty of sixty mile an hour, top-down fun to it. It's everything soul, R&B, rock, and blues can be when it's in a good mood, and Tom Hall handles it with wonderful control and joy in its ability to rejuvenate the soul.”

“With the heart of a hobo and the gritty, aching crooning of a seasoned, veteran professional, he sounds like a combination of Springsteen, Johnny Rivers and Ray Charles.”


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