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           Velvet Freeze
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From the bowels of the Midwest comes a group that knows how to bring the groove that makes you move. 
A dichotomy of soul and funkdafied rock, Velvet Freeze cut its teeth on everything from Motown to the Hollywood sound.  Their debut CD entitled Nectarine Fragrance Soft as New Draping Velvet reflects the groups’ multifaceted nature.  Add to this an electrified urban stage presence and God bless it; there it is!  .

The Players

Josh Shelton - vocals, guitars – “I fell from the sky like a tear from God’s eye…” Heavily influenced by both R & B as well as rock and roll, Josh has a lyrical style that could best be described as vulnerable. With influences such as Lenny Kravitz, Stevie Wonder and Seal, Josh delivers music that comes straight from his soul.

Stephanie Shelton - bass guitar, vocals - best known for her stint with Kansas City’s Most Unusual Band, Phantasmagoria, Stephanie is not known to hold back on her instrument of choice, the bass guitar.   She doesn’t let her fondness for Chili Pepper style slap get in the      way of laying down some serious grooves.

Dave Handley - percussion - formerly of Nine Lives.  Citing The Police, Primus and Medeski, Martin & Wood as influences, Dave is a well-rounded player.  Deliberate, hard-hitting, dynamic and creative; Dave knows just how to bring out the rock in the situation

VelvetFreeze onstage
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