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            Wyatt West

Composer, arranger, musician and producer Wyatt West roams a wide and diverse music landscape to create an iconoclastic range of melody and lyrics. No music genre is off limits or taboo for his songwriting craft. Along with his solo work, Mr. West also writes and produces for Wyatt West and the Urbanites, a band dedicated to the development and preservation of classic urban music, including gospel, funk, soul and reggae. "Most audiophiles are familiar with many styles of music and my work is a reflection of this reality in modern culture."

Urbanites music is BIG TENT music. That is to say, we have staked our musical tent poles very wide to welcome and acknowledge the wonderful and diverse influences which inspire and sustain our musical journeys. We realize this is an unconscious but direct refutation to the mythic wisdom of the music business, with it's emphasis on one-dimensional music and genre based marketing. Purists may grumble, but diversity is a living truth for us and had to be reflected in our music.

Secondly, this collection of music is about FUN. If you're looking for darkness, anger, bitterness or regret, you won't find it here. Those are valid sentiments for art, too, but for the folio, we have chosen a bright palette which celebrates the beauty of life, our friends and loved ones with a smile, a wink, a nudge, a kiss, an embrace, a raised glass and a dance step or two. At this point in our lives we know how precious and fleeting life is and are committed to making the most of the time we have creating a joyful noise with and for the people we love and admire.


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